Kathy Lee Tencate was a woman whose 6 year old son was kidnapped and was incarcerated for it.

In 1990, Tencate was compelled to write a ransom note for her son. She also saw a vision of her son dead just beforehand. She told these details during her trial, but she was not believed. In 1997, in a state of duress, she then confessed to the murder.

In 2000, Fox Mulder came to her and asked her about the note, the kidnapping, and her confession. She explained to Mulder that the phrase "No one shoots at Santa Clause" simply meant no one would harm someone who would give them a gift. Mulder asked her to try corroborating the story of Bud and Billie LaPierre. She refused initially but changed her mind and recorded a tape for the LaPierre's about her writing the note. She emphasized that their child is OK.

She was questioned by Mulder later. He asked her to tell him what she sees. She said the children were taken by "walk-ins" who take the kids, but insisted they were alive. (TXF: "Sein Und Zeit")

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