Karen Swenson

Karen Swenson was born in 1971. She attended the class of '89 with Billy Miles, graduating together in the summer of 1989. Karen Swenson was 21 when she mysteriously died, wearing her pajamas, in Collum National Forest, Northwest Oregon, 10 miles from her house. She was the fourth victim to have died in that area, having graduated in the same year as the three previous victims.

The morning after her death, Detective Miles, Coroner John Truitt and an assistant coroner inspected her body and found two small bumps on her lower back. As her body was lying face-down on the ground, the men turned her over to find a line of dried blood that ran from her nose to the side of her mouth.

The bodies of the first three victims had been autopsied by Doctor Jay Nemman. However, a different medical examiner conducted an autopsy on Karen Swenson's body, and noted the two strange marks on her back that had not been previously included in the autopsy reports of the original victims.

A newspaper article was written regarding Swenson's death and was printed before 6 March, 1992, with the headline, "4th Tragic Fatality Befalls Class of '89".

In March 1992, FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigated the strange deaths and eventually discovered that Billy Miles was somehow responsible. Under hypnosis, Miles claimed to have been directed by an unidentified alien force. (TXF: "Pilot")

According to Billy Miles while undergoing hypnosis, he and his friends had been having a party in a forest to celebrate their graduation when a bright light came and took him away. An unidentified group had then told him to gather his friends so they could be tested. Karen Swenson may have been among his friends at the party, having definately graduated in the same year.

Karen Swenson was the first character to be seen on The X-Files. The character was played by stunt woman Laura Lee Connery (uncredited).

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