Karen Koretz.

Karen Koretz was a US Air Force technician serving under Colonel Calvin Henderson at the US Space Surveillance Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. She picked up an unidentified flying object flying erratically near Townsend, Wisconsin, and alerted her immediate superior, Captain Taylor, who retrieved Colonel Henderson.

After being told where the UFO touched down, a seemingly skeptical and slightly threatening Henderson dismissed their claims that what they'd seen was a UFO, insisting it was a meteor. Koretz replied that no meteor would've flown in the manner she'd seen on her screen, but Henderson was adamant that she and Taylor report it as nothing other than a meteor before departing.

Later, when Cheyenne Mountain picked up a second, larger UFO over Townsend, Koretz again summoned Captain Taylor to her station to inform him of the UFO's appearance. She slipped up and referred to it as a "craft," whereupon a nervous Taylor sternly reminded her, "Meteor, Ms. Koretz," and she tentatively corrected herself.

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