June Gurwitch (played by Catherine Dent) was the sister of Jackie Gurwitch, fiance of Robert Werther, and mother of Trevor Andrew Rawls. She was once a girlfriend of Wilson Pinker Rawls, with whom she had Trevor before Pinker went to prison. June tried to fix her life and eventually found her way to Werther. However, when Pinker escaped prison, her past returned and her relationship with Werther fell apart almost instantly. Mulder and Scully came to her aid in evading Rawls, who was ferociously seeking his son. Rawls eventually got to his son, but was stopped by the agents. Taking advantage of Rawls' being distracted after being shot repeatedly by Mulder - who was wielding a shotgun that fire rubber shot - June got into a car and ran Rawls down, slicing him in half with the non-conducting glass windshield. (TXF: "Trevor")