Grey alien with baseball paraphernalia

Josh Exley in his true grey from.

Josh Exley (played by Jesse L. Martin), called Ex by his friends, was a baseball player in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He hit 61 home runs that year. Officer Arthur Dales was assigned to protect him after there were threats made against his life. Exley was not actually a man, but an alien. He had disguised himself as a man because he fell in love with baseball and wished to escape the other aliens. He made himself a black man, because back in those days it was much harder for black men to enter the majors and he didn't want the kind of exposure that could uncover his true form. He also threw a game when he found out there were scouts from the Yankees in the stands. He was murdered by the Alien Bounty Hunter with a gimlet weapon. When Dales found him dying and held him in his arms, Exley became hysterical and warned him not to touch him as alien blood was toxic to humans. But when Arthur showed Exley the blood on his hands, it was red. Exley had become a man through his love of baseball and because he embodied the essential qualities that make men, men. As Dales put it to Mulder: "Integrity, decency, sympathy: these are the things that make a man a man and Ex had them all had them all, more than you or I." (TXF: "The Unnatural")

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