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Jordan Black was the only daughter of Frank and Catherine Black. She had a "gift" similar to her father and grandmother. (MM: "Pilot")


Jordan was born July 7, 1991 at Freemont General Hospital. She went to Faith Church Elementary in Seattle, Washington, and also lived for a time in Arlington. She was considered a "miracle" by her parents because they were told they would not be able to conceive. (MM: "Pilot", "The Innocents")

During the first few days of the Black family's return to Seattle, Jordan fell ill with a mysterious illness that was later revealed to be a form of meningitis (MM: "Pilot"). She survived without any serious issues but it is explained by a mysterious stranger named Samiel that she was actually meant to die, but that she was given the gift of "borrowed time" to extend her life for unknown reasons. Upon this encounter, Jordan falls ill again from an extreme form of dry-drowning which suddenly ceases after Samiel himself drowns trying to save another girl of similar age from drowning in a submerged railcar. (MM: "Borrowed Time")

Jordan may have an ability or awareness similar to that of her father, as she has been shown to have prophetic dreams as well as being 'sensitive' to unusual happenings and forces. (MM: "Sacrament", "The Fourth Horseman", "The Time is Now", "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury")

It is later hinted that certain actors within the Millennium Group believe it may be possible to recreate Frank and Jordan's "gift" by conducting experiments on accelerating the way the human brain learns. Peter Watts slips a file under Frank's windshield wiper explaining as much, and Frank swoops Jordan up from school to whisk her away to a safe location. (MM: "Via Dolorosa", "Goodbye to All That")

Much later, Frank explains to Special Agents Mulder and Scully that Jordan is now in the custody of his late wife's parents as they argued to the court that Frank was an unfit parent because of his previous obsession with the Millennium Group. Frank checks himself in voluntarily to a mental health clinic to prove he has reformed and can be a responsible parent again. (XF: "Millennium").

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