Dr. John Rietz

Dr. John Rietz was a parapsychologist who documented an incredible psychokinetic in Van Nuys, California in 1970. This psychokinetic, Anthony Fogelman, was unrivaled in his powers but, unfortunately for Rietz, those powers also created an electro-magnetic field that made it difficult to record the powers on film. As Rietz stayed with Fogelman, the boy imprinted on him as a father-figure and the powers gradually disappeared.

Three decades later, Agents John Doggett and Monica Reyes enlist the man's help in dealing with the grownup Fogelman (now Oliver Martin). With Dr. Rietz's assistance, they reign in Martin's powers. When they realize that the use of his abilities is slowly killing him, they encourage Rietz to act as Oliver's father and command the man to never again use his powers. He will stay with him from now on so he won't be alone anymore. (TXF: "Sunshine Days")

John Rietz was the real name of the actor Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch.
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