John Fitzgerald Byers and Detective Munch

Detective Munch interrogating John Fitzgerald Byers.

Detective John Munch (played by Richard Belzer) was an officer for Baltimore Homicide in Baltimore, Maryland.

Encounter with The Lone Gunmen

In May 1989, Detective Munch investigated the breaking and entering of a warehouse in Fells Point Industrial Park. He interrogated John Fitzgerald Byers and learned of the events that had occurred at the Baltimore Convention Center involving Susanne Modeski, John Fitzgerald Byers, Richard Langly, Melvin Frohike, and FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder. Byers, Langly, and Frohike were arrested for the trespassing, Modeski disappeared, and Agent Mulder was taken into custody by the FBI.

When Mulder was released from the FBI's restraints, he ordered Munch to let Frohike, Langly, and Byers out of their holding cells and they were freed. (TXF: "Unusual Suspects")

Background Information

  • On Homicide: Life on the Street, Detective Munch has often been portrayed as a somewhat cynical conspiracy theorist.

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