Detective John Kresge Christmas Carol

John Kresge (played by John Pyper-Ferguson) was a detective in San Diego

In 1997, Kresge worked on the investigation of Roberta Sim's death. During the Scully family Christmas reunion, Dana Scully became involved after receiving unusual phone calls that sounded like her deceased sister Melissa. Kresge found Scully becoming more and more involved with the case, particularly in regard to Emily Sim. Kresge assisted her despite his initial annoyance at Scully's constant presence near what Kresge deemed a local matter not suited for the FBI. He let her borrow a picture of Emily from evidence. When he heard Scully say she thought it was a murder, he was very reluctant, but upon hearing her evidence of inconsistencies, ordered an autopsy on her request. (TXF: "Christmas Carol")

However, Kresge became more helpful upon the discovery that Emily was Scully's biological daughter and part of a larger conspiracy. He later entered the nursing home that Mulder went to investigate, catching him in the act at gunpoint. Soon, they were approached by a member of the hybrid police disguised as Calderon, and took him as a threat when he slowly walked closer without speaking. Mulder warned Kresge that his gun would be useless, but Kresge shot the hybrid anyway and was rendred ill by his toxic blood. He recovered later in the hospital. (TXF: "Emily")

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