Joe Farah

Joe Farah was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a friend of Special Agent John Doggett.

Assignment with John Doggett

In 2001, Agent Farah was asked by Doggett to process fingerprints of a man who had visited FBI Headquarters, calling himself Duffy Haskell. However, Agent Farah discovered that the prints matched those of a David Haskell, who – according to records – had been buried in 1970 in a Virginia cemetery where a USMC honor guard ceremony had apparently been held in his remembrance.

Agent Farah then took this information to the X-files office, on the basement level of FBI Headquarters. Upon entering the room, he was surprised to find that no lights were on in the office. At first, he didn't see anyone else in the room, until Doggett alerted the other agent to his presence by calling out Farah's rank and surname; Doggett was in a partly partitioned section of the office, having been looking at an ultrasound on a light-table. A somewhat puzzled Agent Farah asked Doggett what he was doing in the dark, to which Agent Doggett metaphorically replied that he was "in the dark" almost all of the time during his assignment to the X-Files Unit and finished his comment by referring to Agent Farah by his first name.

Conversationally introducing his news as "something you may want to shine a light on", Agent Farah began to tell Doggett about his discovery regarding Haskell's fingerprints, starting with a reminder that he had been asked to run the prints. Although Doggett regretfully informed him that the case was now closed (again referring to Agent Farah by his first name), Farah revealed his puzzling findings to Doggett, who could hardly believe Farah's information about David Haskell. Farah confirmed that he was being genuine and commented that Doggett seemed to have found himself "a real spook", although Doggett offered the alternative remark that what he was dealing with may be a "snake in the grass". (TXF: "Per Manum")

Agent Farah was played by Christopher Stanley.
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