Joe Cutrona (played by Ramy Zada) was a mobster in Chicago who played poker with Mr. Ng, Mr. Haas, and Henry Weems. When Weems won with what appeared to be completely dumb luck, Cutrona was convinced that Weems cheated and had him thrown from a 30-story building. However, Weems survived. Cutrona was now furious that Weems would testify to the FBI about him and sent a pair of thugs to kill him. Both of them, however, were thwarted by Weems' overwhelmingly good luck. Cutrona realized that Weems was trying to obtain $100,000.00 for a very specific reason and kidnapped Maggie Lupone, the mother of Richie Lupone. Weems presented himself to Cutrona and thwarted the mobsters' scheme. Cutrona was hit in the face by a crane hook and knocked out. As it so happened, he had the same rare blood type as Richie and the boy was saved. (TXF: "The Goldberg Variation")

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