You just don't get it, man. This [points to his "Government Patsy" t-shirt] says that I'm on to them. This says that I comprehend the military industrial power dynamic. That's what this whole thing is about; wetworks, political assassination. That's their theme for this year.
(TXF: "Three of a Kind")

James "Jimmy the Geek" Belmont was a conspiracy theorist and alternate history expert who was a rival of The Lone Gunmen. He was fond of wearing a "Government Patsy" T-shirt.


In 1999, Jimmy attended Def Con '99, the annual Defense Industry convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the Gunmen. He bragged to the Gunmen that he could sneak "backstage", where the classified conferences and demonstrations took place. However, when he did so, he was caught by shadow government agents led by Timothy Landau. Landau drugged him and hypnotized him into walking in front of an oncoming bus. He was killed. (TXF: "Three of a Kind")

He had an identical twin brother, "Kimmy the Geek" Belmont. (TLG: "Pilot", etc.)

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