Jeraldine Kallenchuck was the owner of a salvage company J. Kallenchuck Salvage Brokers, Ltd. The company had offices in the US and Hong Kong.

Kallenchuck bought information on a craft's location at the bottom of the North Pacific and hired a ship to retrieve it. Kallenchuck was at her office when Agent Fox Mulder arrived to ask her about it, though he assumed the owner was male and mistook her for his secretary. She played along just to get rid of him. After he left, however, she knew men were on their way to kill her so she left in a hurry. She escaped, but was followed discretely by Mulder. She bought a ticket from DC to Hong Kong to get to her other office, but Mulder intercepted her at a restaurant, and demanded to know who sold her the information on the craft. When she refused to answer, he handcuffed her to himself, and went into the company office. Surprisingly, Alex Krycek was there. He skillfully pushed her through the door and separated her from Mulder by closing the door on the handcuffs. The hit men were also closing in on the location, and killed her on sight when they entered the hallway. (TXF: "Piper Maru")

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