Jenny Uphouse (played by Gina Mastrogiacomo) was a Vermont resident who had an affair with Phil Adderly, despite the fact he was married to Ellen Adderly. It was well known in the neighborhood that she and Martha Crittendon did not get along together. Uphouse worked at diner and was seemingly of a lower class than her neighbors, which apparently was part of their disagreement. When Adderly was able to manifest into a vicious being after being aware of her husband's infidelity for some time, she killed Crittendon. Uphouse was interviewed by Agent Mulder, who ruled her out as a suspect. After spending a night with Phil Adderly, Uphouse was killed the next day by his wife, but not before stabbing her in the shoulder with a shard of glass from a shattered mirror. Uphouse had a child whose name and paternity was not revealed. (TXF: "Chimera")

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