Jacob Weiss (played by David Groh) was a Jewish immigrant who lived in Brooklyn Jewish neighborhood in New York City. He was a survivor of the World War II and an ex-member of the Jewish underground organization called "the Irgun". His daughter, Ariel Luria, had been engaged to marry Isaac Luria at the time of his murder. Ariel was able to conjure a golem in Isaac's image with help from Weiss, who came to regard the being as extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, he allowed it to murder those involved with Isaac's death, including Tony Oliver, Clinton Bascombe, and Curt Brunjes. Sefer Yetzira that belonged to Weiss was found in Isaac Luria's grave. On behalf of that evidence, Weiss was arrested by Mulder and Scully and admitted to the murders to cover for his daughter. The agents didn't buy it. Ariel explained that her father's hatred for the haters stemmed from his survival in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Weiss's fears would come to a head when the golem attempted to hang him in the synagogue, but he was rescued by Mulder and Scully soon before Ariel destroyed the golem.


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