Jack. Homeless man who aided Mulder.

Jack was a homeless man that Special Agent Fox Mulder encountered when he went to Atlantic City following rumors of the Jersey Devil

Assistance provided to Mulder

Jack was the only homeless person willing to speak with Mulder when he wandered around the streets of Atlantic City asking about the murder of Roger Crockett.  He asked for some money from Mulder and Jack presented Mulder with a sketch of the creature.  He reported that he found the sketch in a jacket pocket and that it looked like a thing he had seen on the streets.  He said that lots of homeless people had seen it and were freaked out by it; also that the police definitely knew about the creature. 

Mulder generously gave Jack his hotel room while he chose to remain on the streets in the hopes of spotting the creature that the homeless had sighted. (TXF: "The Jersey Devil")

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