Islam is one of the major religions. They worship Allah. It has been practiced in Arab countries. Followers of Islam are known as Muslim. They studied and practiced their faith in mosques.(TXF: "Je Souhaite"; MM: "Owls")

During the Crusades, Muslims, led by Saladin, captured the third piece of the Cross of the Crucifixion. They planned to return the cross to the Christians, prior to Richard the Lionheart's slaughter of Muslim prisoners. They buried the cross beneath a mosque in Damascus. (MM: "Owls")

According to Muslim superstition, photographing a person is a way to steal their soul. (TXF: "Tithonus")

Muhaymin Daycare in Chicago, Illinois has been "nurturing the Children of Islam" since 1983. (TXF: "The Goldberg Variation")

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