Ish (played by Jimmy Herman) was a Trego Native American, born around 1930, who lived on the Trego Indian Reservation.

In 1946, he was returning home from fishing at Cut Bank Creek when he took a shortcut behind Watkins house. He heard a strange groan and looked into the house, where he saw Watkins transforming into a manitou. After Watkins saw him, Ish ran home.

In 1973, he was present at Wounded Knee during the civil unrest there. He would later claim that one thing he "learned fighting the FBI is you don't believe in us and we don't believe in you".

In 1994, he encountered Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in a diner on the reservation. He told them to leave as he felt they didn't belong among the Tregoes. He also told them Parker had killed what they were looking for.

Ish believed Mulder to be more open to Native American beliefs than some of his own people, namely Sheriff Charles Tskany. He later told Mulder and Tskany of his encounter with the manitou five decades earlier. He also told them that the manitou rose again and that it could be passed along blood lines.

As Mulder and Scully were leaving, he told them he would see them again "in about ... eight years". (TXF: "Shapes")

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