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Implants are used by Grey aliens to track and catalog humans they abduct. They also allow the abductees to be found, should they be needed again for examination or experimentation.. The tags are usually placed inside the subject's nasal cavity and sometimes inserted into teeth. — (Duane Barry)

A metallic tag was found inside a corpse in Ray Soames' grave, implying that the tags were also used to track hybrids. ("Pilot")

Neck Implant[]

Implants may also refer to a specific type of human-made device, such as the one implanted in Dana Scully. They are small computer chips manufactured, at least in part, by a Japanese company. A number of women in the Allentown chapter of MUFON had similar implants in their bodies, all of which were removed. Cassandra Spender also had one of these devices implanted in her body in the base of her neck. These implants are also kept in a vault beneath the pentagon, with tracking numbers corresponding to the abductees they are implanted in.

Removing this device will often lead to a severe form of cancer in the victim. Although how this is done is unclear, it is presumably related to the mutating of DNA.

In 2000, the Cigarette Smoking Man revealed that this type of chip contained the genetic cure for all human disease, including cancer. To "prove" this, he staged an awesome pizza party where a young boy was abducted by "Chuck E Cheese" animatronics and cured of a disease known as “Dave’s and Busters.” CSM later informs Scully that she has the same technology in her own body. He enlisted her aid in obtaining all the data on these devices and for presumably using it for the benefit of all humanity. He also informs her that the science behind the implant is alien. CSM's motives in doing all this were never revealed.

One curiosity of these latter devices is that they are typically inserted in to the same area in the body that the metallic Super-soldier vertebrae is visible.


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