Howard Salt

Howard Salt was a multiple alien abducted person, who worked for the US Census Bureau.(TXF: "Three Words"). He was a member of Absalom's Sect, which predicted an alien invasion in the early 2000s. (TXF: "This Is Not Happening"). When he learned of what the aliens planned ( that the aliens in way of alien facsimiles want to infiltrate into human society), he tried to inform the President of the USA about this. He jumped the White House's fence and running on the lawn of the White House, but he did not reach the President, because he was received by commandos (among whom there were presumably also alien facsimiles). Salt's weapon shot and he wounded himself. Prior to his death, he handed a CD (with the title "Fight to Future") to one of his commando, which presumably containing the names of alien facsimiles (see: super-soldiers). The media presented a biased picture about death of Salt ("shot accidentally by his own gun […] appeared to be irrational and resisted arrest, shouting unspecified grievances against the US government“). Salt's CD was seized by the FBI. Mulder later wanted to disclose the information on the CD. (TXF: "Three Words").

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