Henry Weems (played by Willie Garson) was a Chicago resident cursed with extraordinary good luck.


His good luck began after being the lone survivor of an airplane crash in 1989. From that point, his amazing luck inevitably had negative consequences for bystanders. Deciding he was a danger to others, he fell off the radar, not even having a diver's license, bank account, or a job that made enough money for him to file tax returns.

The Extreme Luck Events

In 2000, he resurfaced to try to make $100,000.00 for a boy at his apartment building named Richie Lupone who was in dire need of a rare B-negative blood type. Weems entered a game of poker with mobster Joe Cutrona. In keeping with Weems' luck, he got a winning hand by sheer chance. Believing that Weems had cheated, Cutrona had his thugs throw Weems from the roof of a 30-story building. Weems, of course, landed on a pile of towels in a cart that gave way enough for him survive the fall.

Mulder and Scully were brought in to investigate the bizarre event. The Chicago FBI field office was also looking for Weems so he could testify against Cutrona. The agents met Weems while investigating him after the inadvertent death of one of Cutrona's henchmen sent to kill Weems. They discovered that Weems had a fascination with Rube Goldberg machines, which resembled the uncanny cause-and-effect nature of the events surrounding Weems' good luck.

Another of Cutrona's henchmen tried to kill Weems, but was also injured and sent to the hospital. Cutrona had had enough and sent yet another, but Mulder saw him coming and warned Weems. Weems then stepped in front of a bus to enter the hospital where Richie was. Eventually, Weems presented himself to Cutrona, who had kidnapped Richie's mother, Maggie Lupone. However, Weems' luck came into play again and the mobsters were thwarted. As it turned out, Cutrona had the same rare blood type as Richie and the boy was saved. In the end, everything worked out. (TXF: "The Goldberg Variation")

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