Henry Farst. Wearing his "I'm about to kill you" smile.

Henry Farst was the representative of the oil companies who hired Yves Adele Harlow to find the water-fueled car. As he came to realize that she was no longer doing her job and planned to sell the car to others, he followed her trail.

Entirely willing to kill to accomplish his goals, he murdered the Freedom of Information office clerk who had information Farst asked for.

He bought off Jason Guthrie and managed to obtain what he thought was the water powered car out of the Biznot Air Force base missile silos before they were destroyed.

After realizing it was a decoy, he returned to the Guthrie farmhouse and found Jason Guthrie, Shelley Mizer, Yves Adele Harlow, Jimmy Bond, and the Lone Gunmen all in the barn around the real water powered car. He decided to kill them all but Jimmy Bond caused a bull to kick Farst through the barn wall. It is unclear if the badly injured Farst will return seeking the car another day.

(The Lone Gunmen: Like Water for Octane)

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