Harold Piller

Harold Piller (played by Anthony Heald) claimed to be a psychic who assisted in police investigations. He had done thorough research into his power and was known to have assisted in the search for missing children's bodies in Kashmir, India following a horrific train accident. He also had a history of mental illness and schizophrenia, which he neglected to tell Mulder and Scully about when he arrived to help find Amber Lynn LaPierre. Mulder gave Piller more credence than Scully and allowed him to participate in the investigation, during which Piller discovered a connection between the LaPierre case and Samantha Mulder. One night, Piller demanded Mulder's attention and claimed that his mother was present and needed to convey something to Mulder. Mulder began to lose faith in Piller, but discovered that he had somehow written down "April Base" without even knowing it. Mulder and Piller went to the Air Force base and were led to the house where Samantha lived while a subject of the Project with Jeffrey Spender. Ultimately, Mulder was able to contact Samantha in a strange, mystical manner and give him closure over her disappearance and death. Mulder also encountered Piller's son, whom Piller had been searching for and was still a suspect in his disappearance. Although Mulder had finally achieved closure, Piller didn't as he could not accept that his son was dead. (TXF: "Closure")