Hansen's Disease Research Facility hybrid corpses mass grave
The Hansen's Disease Research Facility was a leper colony situated in a wooded area of Perkey, West Virginia. The facility's first patients were actual lepers disfigured by the disease before a cure was discovered, but new patients began coming in when the Syndicate invited Japanese scientists including Doctor Shiro Zama to take part in hybridization experiments related to the colonization project. These patients were homeless and insane individuals on whom gene therapy was performed using alien DNA from alien corpses found at the Roswell crash site in 1947. These experiments had terrible results and left the patients with burns all over their bodies as well as a half-alien, half-human appearance. The facility was used as a cover for the experimental therapy.

This failure at producing healthy hybrid specimens led the Syndicate to have the patients shot by the military and piled up in a mass grave in 1995.


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