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Guy Mann is the pseudonym of a lizard creature.

The previously unnamed humanoid entity lived in the forest of Shawan, Oregon. He was an insectivore and lived a peaceful existence. While the lizard creature has rather reptilian features, Guy takes offense to the classification. Besides Guy, there was at least one more lizard creature named George, who, according to his friend, was killed by a jackalope.

One night, the creature overheard a nearby struggle and saw a man pouncing another. To scare him off the victim, he roars at the human attacker, who blindly jumps and bites it. Jolted and panicked, the creature runs off and passes out, transforming into one semi-randomly the next morning, near three dead bodies by a cave. It was as a human that he first recognised his self-consciousness after gaining human sapience, and developed a number of human motivations, ranging from revenge, to job hunting and worrying about his retirement. Instinctively, he put on the clothes of one of the victims, took a position as a salesman and rented out a motel room. He already began to loathe his newfound awareness and would constantly look forward to turning back to his usual form at night.

Hating his transformation, he saw a "witch doctor" and believed that he needed to be killed by being stabbed by a piece of sharp green glass into his appendix. He briefly found happiness in adopting a dog he called Daggoo, but after it ran off, he became depressed, though still too irrationally worried about his future to quit his new life.

Guy is initially the main suspect of a murder inquiry, leading Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to question him. Fleeing from Scully he escapes to a nearby cemetery where he encounters Mulder, and explains his story.

Ultimately the murderer is discovered to be Pasha, the local animal containment officer. After he has been arrested Mulder rushes to the forest to break the news to Guy, who tells him that he is about to hibernate for 10,000 years, hoping that he can sleep off his transformations. He transforms back into his natural lizard form whilst shaking hands with Mulder, before running off into the night. (TXF : "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster")