Gregor gunpoint

Gregor being held at gunpoint by Agent Scully in 1995.

The Gregors (played by Dana Gladstone) were Human-Alien hybrids cloned after one or two hybrids originally created by the colonists. These original visitors had come to Earth in the 1940s in order to have a part in colonization. (TXF: "End Game") The Gregor clones were attempting to establish a colony on Earth, therefore had been conducting hybridization experiments using human fetuses obtained in abortion clinics that would erase their identical natures, which was an obstacle to the establishment of the colony. These abortion clinics were scattered around the United States. The Gregors' plan and actions were not sanctioned and were considered a dilution of their race, therefore an Alien Bounty Hunter was sent by the colonists to eliminate them and put an end to their work. (TXF: "Colony", "End Game") The Gregors presumably participated in the creation of a Samantha Mulder clone series and these female hybrids, who considered the Gregors their fathers, became their partners on this project. Two of their cloning facilities were situated in a warehouse at 3243 Edmonton, Germantown, Maryland as well as at Women's Health Services Clinic in Rockville, Maryland.

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Clones from the Gregor Series.

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