Gracie O'Connor

Gracie O'Connor (played by Tracy Middendorf) was the daughter of Enoch O'Connor and a parishioner at the Church of God with Signs and Wonders. However, she left the church with her boyfriend, Jared Chirp, after she became pregnant. Mulder and Scully came to investigate after Chirp was killed by snakes that had been summoned by Samuel Mackey. Mackey, another reverend in Blessing, was the true father of Gracie's child, part of his scheme to destroy Enoch's church. Mackey killed Chirp, as well as Iris Finster, upon realizing the truth. Enoch and his parishioners induced labor for Gracie, who then gave birth not to a child - but to snakes. Gracie survived the ordeal, despite the psychological and physical trauma of the events. (TXF: "Signs and Wonders")

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