Isaac Luria as a golem.

A golem is a being in Jewish folklore that can be created out of dirt or clay. They were described as servants connected to their creators. Such creatures were thought of as abominations, and the rituals for their creation arcane and mystical. Despite being viewed as lowly creatures, they were at least seen as protectors of those who created them or of the Jewish people in times of need. Golems were not renanimated, but rather entirely new beings and capable of only the basest of emotions and sensation. The golems were activated and deactivated by writing magic words on their bodies. In the Kaddish episode following the murder of Isaac Luria, Ariel Luria conjured a golem in his image that began killing Isaac's killers. Mulder and Scully were brought in to investigate the murders. Mulder encountered the golem in the synagogue, where it proved impervious to bullets. The golem is shown to be activated by the word Emet (spelled aleph mim tav and meaning truth in Hebrew) on its hand, and deactivated when Ariel erased the first letter (aleph) turning the writing into Met (spelled mim tav), which means "dead".

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