Glenna, the coroner.

Glenna was the coroner that Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder dealt with during the investigation into the Jersey Devil

Assistance to Scully & Mulder

Despite the lack of cooperation from the police force of Atlantic City, the coroner was more than willing to explain about the dead homeless man found.  She described how the man had a high blood alcohol level so he probably didn't know what hit him when his skull was fractured.  Glenna told Mulder and Scully that she believed the attacker was probably a large male and that there were Human bite marks on the body. 

She didn't like that Detective Tomson was shutting out the FBI agents but it was largely out of her hands. 

Later, she informed Mulder, Scully, Ranger Peter Brullet, and Dr. Diamond that the body of the possible attacker of the homeless man was missing.  Mulder realized that the whole situation with the Jersey Devil was being swept under the rug. (TXF: "The Jersey Devil")

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