Gerry Schnauz was a convicted criminal capable of psychic photography.


In 1980, his sister committed suicide and he beat his father, a dentist, with an axe handle so severely that he was bound to a wheelchair. Schnauz was said to have had a "chemical imbalance" and was committed to Melvoin Psychiatric Hospital for six years. Upon his release, he took care of this father until his death in January 1996. Schnauz believed in "Howlers," which were supposedly malicious spirits inhabiting the frontal lobe of people and force them to lie or otherwise deny their existence. Schnauz took it upon himself to "save" these people - mostly women - from unruhe (German for "unrest") by performing a frontal lobe lobotomy with primitive tools and without any medical training.

Agents Mulder and Scully encountered Schnauz while investigating the disappearance of Mary Lefante. The only evidence was of a passport photo taken of her showing her screaming and surrounded by ghostly beings. Mulder believed this bizarre photo to be the result of psychic photography. Scully apprehended Schnauz at a construction site run by Mr. Iskendarian where he was installing sheetrock. While being processed, however, Schnauz murdered a police officer and escaped.


Very soon, Schnauz decided to target Scully as the next person to be saved. He hid under her car and assaulted her, taking her away to his hidden chamber. Mulder searched furiously for any leads to his whereabouts, and noticed six "fingers" in the psychic photos - which apparently Schnauz had no idea he was capable of producing. However, the objects were not fingers, but rather an arrangement of tombstones of Schnauz's family members. Mulder and the police raced to the cemetery and discovered a camper parked on the edge of the woods. Mulder peered inside and noticed a tooth-shaped keychain, a clue that the driver may known a dentist. Before Schnauz was able to "save" Scully, Mulder broke into the camper and shot him, killing him.

Following his death, a diary was discovered among Schnauz's things that included a list of the women he intended to save. The names included Mary Lefante, Alice Brandt, and Agent Scully. (TXF: "Unruhe")

Behind the Scenes

He was played by Pruitt Taylor Vince.

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