Gene Crane (played by Kirk B.R. Woller) was a Special Agent at the FBI.

FBI career

In 2000, Crane was assigned by Deputy Director Alvin Kersh to the task force led by his friend and colleague, John Doggett, to find Fox Mulder. ("Within")

Later that year, he assisted on the case involving Anthony Tipet. ("Via Negativa")

He was one of the lead agents tasked by Agent Doggett to investigate the fire which burned down Zeus Genetics in 2001. He exhibited irritation about having to work the case, which caused him to miss his son's baseball game. He also showed animosity towards Mulder, whom had been dismissed from the FBI. Crane traveled with Doggett to the office of Dr. Parenti in order to take Billy Miles into custody. However, after helping Agents Scully and Reyes flee from Billy Miles, it was revealed that Crane was indeed a Supersoldier. He later appears in the company of Knowle Rohrer after leaving a meeting with Kersh, and is pummeled by Rohrer's car while trying to eliminate Agent Doggett and Assistant Director Walter Skinner. He is presumed dead, but his body is never recovered. ("Essence," "Existence")

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