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Gehenna Rising
Criminal profiler Frank Black believed the face of evil was a human face—until the investigation of grisly murders in San Francisco introduces him to a world where evil may be an entity of greater power than he ever imagined.
The discovery of several pounds of human ashes — the remains of murder victims burned alive — leads Frank and the Millennium Group to uncover a cult awaiting Armageddon. Frank's search for the cult leader brings him face-to-face with a man whose power is so baffling, whose influence is so pervasive, that he tests Frank's understanding of the nature of evil.
Based on the apocalyptic new television show, these premiere Millennium novelizations capture the vision and excitement of the show from the creator of The X-Files, Chris Carter.

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Background Check

  • This book includes the prologue and first four chapters of what was planned to be the next book in the series, a novelization of MM: "Weeds". Since the cancellation of the Millennium novelization series resulted in that third installment being published exclusively in Germany, these chapters remain the only English-version, publicly-released portion of the book.


Frank Black
Catherine Black
Jordan Black
Jack Meredith
Bob Bletcher
Mike Atkins
Jim Penseyres
Mr. Bolow
Eedo Bolow
Peter Watts
Mrs. Bolow
Ricardo Clement
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