A white Freightliner truck, one of a fleet of similar trucks.

Freightliner is a truck tractor manufacturer. The company is owned by DaimlerChrysler.

In 1998, a fleet of white Freightliner trucks appeared in Blackwood County, North Texas.

The purpose of the trucks was not established. They arrived in Blackwood County after the discovery of a previously concealed cave and the loss of four fire fighters - T.C., Danny, Glenn and Sal. The fire fighters, officers from Blackwood County Fire Department, were involved in a rescue situation after a young boy named Stevie was infected with a strange, alien substance and subsequently went missing. Dr. Ben Bronschweig relieved Fire Captain Miles Cooles of the situation and seemed entirely at ease when the Freightliner trucks arrived. Although Stevie was eventually found and retrieved from the cave, the fire fighters were still missing when the Freightliner trucks arrived.
The script establishes that the trucks were driven by military personnel and that the vehicles were loaded with tents, tent poles, scientific equipment and many refrigeration units that the military officers unloaded after their arrival. It therefore seems likely that the officers had been ordered to study the infected fire fighters using equipment from the trucks.

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