A flashlight is an item that allows a person to shine light in the thick of darkness to move around, see, as well as find something.

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In The X-Files: Resist or Serve game, Mulder and Scully have a Flashlight already, and use it throughout the game. Since lots of areas are in the dark, they must often use it to see where they're going. Flashlights also can stun zombies for a short time, allowing Mulder and Scully to shoot them, or even run up to them and punch or kick them. Mulder and Scully can run while holding a Flashlight. They can also use a Pistol or Magnum Revolver while using a Flashlight. If armed while carrying a Flashlight, however, they can no longer run and can only walk. The Flashlight is also good for locking onto enemies hiding in the dark. Plus, the Flashlight can stun a zombie for a short time, giving the player a chance to run or kill said zombie while he's stunned.

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