The First Elder (played by Don S. Williams) also known as the Well-Fed Man, and the Italian Man, was a high-ranking member of the Syndicate.


When it was found that CSM was lying about Mulder being dead, The Elder decided to use other operatives to find Mulder, Scully, and the tape. (TXF: "Paper Clip")

His exact position in the Syndicate is unclear, especially in regards to the Well-Manicured Man. He contacted Scully in person while Mulder pursued evidence of an alien autopsy on a train (TXF:"Nisei", "731").

He also obtained photographs taken by X of a meeting between the Cigarette Smoking Man and Teena Mulder as proof that one of the Smoking Man's henchmen was a traitor. The First Elder set up a trap to reveal the identity of the traitor and dispatched an assassin to kill him. Sure enough, X fell for the trap and was executed.

After a fateful meeting with Michael Kritschgau, Mulder discovered he had been under surveillance by Scott Ostlehoff. Mulder killed Ostlehoff and obscured his identity with a shotgun blast to the face. Mulder and Scully used the situation to effectively fake Mulder's death. The CSM spoke with the First Elder at a horse track about Mulder's death, which the CSM saw as unfortunate and unhelpful. However, the fact that Mulder was alive soon became known to both men, upon which the First Elder ordered one of his operatives to carry out a specific task. The operative followed the CSM as he tried to recruit Mulder to work on the Project, watching their movements through the scope of a sniper rifle. Shortly after the discovery of Scott Blevins' betrayal, the First Elder's operative shot the CSM, who had been holding a photograph of Mulder and his sister.

The First Elder is often reserved and unemotional, although he does express anger and impatience on occasion, particularly in response to the incompetence of those beneath him.

The First Elder was killed in 1999, along with the rest of the Syndicate, by a group of faceless aliens. (TXF:"One Son")

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