"Falling" is issue #14 of the X-Files comics released by Topps Comics.

Published: April 1996

Writer: Stefan Petrucha

Artist: Charles Adlard

Letterer: John Workman

Color Design and Rendering: Digital Chameleon

Editors: Jim Salicrup and Dwight Jon Zimmerman

Cover: Miran Kim

Photographer: Jack Rowan

Mulder rushes to the woods to look for a crashed UFO, only to have a group of children mistake him for an alien.

Xc-14 falling cover



While racing to the site of a downed UFO, Mulder is crippled and held captive by a group of children who think he is an alien. They set a trap that drops a log on his leg. Meanwhile, Scully investigates nearby reports of alien sightings, instead finding a man acting violently and disfigured by radiation. As he attacks Scully, the local sheriff shoots and kills him. He turns out to be Jerry Goldfax, a hermit living near the woods.

Areas of the town are quarantined and undergo decontamination procedures by a HAZMAT team. While autopsying Goldfax, Scully finds high levels of testosterone and gonadotropins, which account for his violent behavior. She is interrupted by the sheriff and is told that she is not to go near the body until the Air Force arrives, and that the search for Mulder is also being put on hold until they get there.

In the woods, Mulder, still trapped under the log, begins suffering from radiation poisoning. The kids start to wonder if he is human and not an alien, but one of the kids, Timmy, turns violent, taking Mulder's gun and killing them. Just as he's about to smash Mulder's head with a rock, the sheriff and Scully arrive, taking Timmy—the sheriff's son—and Mulder away.

Mulder recovers in a hospital while Scully tells him that Timmy's behavior couldn't have been caused by the radiation because it increases testosterone, which would only affect adults. Mulder suggests that while kids don't listen to adults, they always manage to imitate them. In the last panel, a saucer-shaped craft is shown being lifted in the air, as soldiers holding rifles stand on the ground.


Settings: Adirondack Park, New York; Outskirts of Childwold; Childwold Town Center; Bethesda Naval Hospital


aliens; extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs); UFO; Department of Energy HAZMAT Team; alpha and gamma radiation