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Members of the Eve Series approximately aged 8

The Eve Series was a group of identical female human clones designed to have superior intelligence and strength. A similar series was developed at the same time for human males, this group the Adam Series of clones.

The Eve and Adam series and the associated research was part of the Lichfield Experiment. This was a top-secret eugenics experiment devised by the US during the Cold War to respond to military intelligence reports that the Soviet Union had already developed a similar program to breed better scientists/warriors.

Both the Adam and Eve series had 56 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. Chromosomes 4, 5, 12, 16 and 22 were duplicated to allow for additional genes for heightened intelligence and strength. But with this came homicidal and suicidal tendencies and extreme psychotic behavior; causing the project to be abandoned. The remaining Eves were housed at the Whiting Institute for the Criminally Insane.

The genetic profile of the Eve series was modified and re-deployed by Eve 7 to create a second run of the Eve Series. This second run consisted of Teena Simmons and Cindy Reardon, who were later re-classified Eve 9 and Eve 10 respectively. (TXF: "Eve")

The Eve clones seem to have a strong, unexplained bond with one another has shown that Eve 9 and 10 both committed exactly the same crime at exactly the same time three states apart with no way of communication. In fact, the Eve's finding out about one another is an example of their mysterious connection, since they were neither told nor had any evidence of the existence of the other.

All adult female clones in the Eve Series were portrayed by Harriet Harris.

Members of the Eve series:

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