Eve 7 was a clone from the Eve Series of clones created in the Lichfield Experiment. Like the other Eve clones in the original run, she was extremely intelligent, had extraordinary strength and suffered from homicidal and suicidal tendencies. After the closure of the Lichfield Experiment, she was housed at the Whiting Institute for the Criminally Insane with the other surviving clones in her series. However, Eve 7 escaped and somehow rehabilitated herself back into society. She posed as Dr Sally Kendrick, got a job a fertility clinic and began carrying on the Lichfield Experiments herself by cloning herself (with some modification) to create Teena Simmons and Cindy Reardon.

In 1994, she abducted her clones in an effort rehabilitate them also, but in true Eve Series style the girls gave her a lethal dose of poison and she died in front of them. When the authorities arrived, the girls claimed it was suicide (TXF: "Eve").

All adult female clones in the Eve Series were portrayed by Harriet Harris.

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