Eve 6 from the Eve Series

Eve 6 was a clone from the Eve Series of clones created in the Lichfield Experiment. Like the other Eve clones in the original run she was extremely intelligent, had extraordinary strength and suffered from homicidal and suicidal tendencies.


Tendencies and the X-files CaseEdit

After the closure of the Lichfield Experiment she was housed at the Whiting Institute for the Criminally Insane with the other surviving clones in her series. She remarked that although the creation of clones has ceased the Lichfield Project continues in some form; she is still visited and roughly examined by doctors who try to determine precisely what went wrong.

Eve 6 bragged to Agents Mulder and Scully that her IQ was around 265 and that a recent incident where she bit into a guard's eyeball had been meant as a token of affection. She was joined in 1994 by two younger clones from the second run in the Eve series, Eve 9 and Eve 10 (TXF: "Eve").

All adult female clones in the Eve Series were portrayed by Harriet Harris.


  • This episode captured the imagination of a drummer by the name of Tony Fagenson, who later started an alternative punk rock band called Eve 6. They formed in 1996 and released four albums to much critical acclaim. Apparently, it was Eve's comment about biting a guard's eyeball that impressed Tony the most.
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