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Invisigoth (real name Esther Nairn) was a computer genius who programmed the autonomous robots in the video game Ninjitsu Princess, which The Lone Gunmen Richard Langly described as, "the most gnarliest piece of entertainment software ever."

Nairn graduated from MIT in 1995. She did her post-doctorate work at the Santa Fe Institute and worked for Kobayashi during her junior year. She met Donald Gelman in Tokyo, Japan.

She was found by FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in a shipping container, numbered HSWT 780022 3.

Nairn died in a trailer packed with computer equipment in Fairfax County, Virginia, when a Department of Defense warbird-grade orbital weapons platform incinerated the trailer with a particle beam, but not before she uploaded her consciousness into the AI that was trying to kill her. (TXF: "Kill Switch")

In the epilogue for (TXF: "Kill Switch") we are shown that the likely new base for Esther's uploaded consciousness is an old mobile home in a trailer park in North Platte, Nebraska.

The character of Esther Nairn was played by Kristin Lehman.