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"Essence" is the twentieth episode of the eighth season of The X-Files.


Mulder, John Doggett and Skinner investigate lingering questions concerning Scully's pregnancy, reluctantly accepting help from Alex Krycek when Scully begins to be pursued by Billy Miles; now an indestructible Supersoldier following his abduction in "Requiem" and return in "DeadAlive".


While preparing for Scully's baby shower, her mother invites Lizzy Gill to help Scully. Lizzy, who is not who she says she is, replaces one of Scully's medications.

Billy Miles verifies that the work that Zeus Genetics begin is successful, kills Dr Lev and burns the lab, destroying all evidence, and the "abomination" alien-human hybrid baby.

Mulder visits Doggett, informing him of the fire and asks to go along to see the facility. Mulder reveals that Dr Lev's partner is Scully's Obstetrician, so they set off to visit him. They find another storage room of fetuses. They confront the doctor, who denies everything.

Back at Scully's home, she takes the replaced pills. Lizzy leaves and is picked up by Mr Haskell (Per Manum).

Later, as the doctor is spiriting away fetuses, Billy Miles appears. By the time Mulder and Doggett return, the doctor has been decapitated. They confront Billy Miles as Doggett puts several shots in him, without phasing him, and Billy escapes.

Bullets don't seem to harm Billy Miles.

They go to Scully's house to regroup. Lizzy talks to Haskell on her cell phone, until Billy Miles shows up and decapitates him.

Skinner, Doggett, and Mulder find Mr. Haskell's body, and his cloning lab. They had apparently been monitoring Scully's pregnancy.

Scully catches Lizzy tampering with her medications, though Scully's doctors determine the replacements are vitamin supplements. Later, Lizzy tells the agents that Scully's baby is a perfect human child with no human weaknesses.

Billy Miles goes after Scully, just as she and Mulder escape. As Billy Miles is about to catch Mulder and Scully,

Krycek saves the day. Runs down Billy Miles, then has Scully & Mulder get in the car.

Krycek runs him over and takes them to Doggett and Skinner, just before Billy Miles gets back up. Krycek confesses that the aliens are trying to wipe out the humans ability to survive the invasion.

Billy Miles shows up, and the agents sneak Scully out with Reyes, while they lead him to the roof. Mulder pushes him off the roof and into a waiting garbage truck, which then compacts him. Scully and Reyes then pull away, and the scene ends with one of Doggett's agents pointing them to safety, then turns around, revealing to the camera the scales on his spine.


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