Erika Price is a former member of the Syndicate, who along with Mr. Y are representatives of a new mysterious organization opposing the Template:Preview/csm.


Erika is a powerful and manipulative representative for a mysterious organization which will be one of the focuses of the eleventh season.

Erika is revealed to have devised a simulation, which contains digital copies of real people so they live on in the virtual world following their death. Mulder and Scully break into a facility in an attempt to destroy the simulation, in which Mulder is captured and brought to Erika. Mulder manages to escape and he and Scully turn off the simulation; but when they return later with FBI backup, the servers are gone.

While trying to capture William Mulder, the boy uses his powers to kill her, along with her personal escort. Erika Price is consumed by supernatural powers and explodes all over the room.

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