Enoch O'Connor

Enoch O'Connor (played by Michael Childers) was a reverend at the Church of God with Signs & Wonders and father of Gracie O'Connor. Mulder and Scully met him while investigating the death of Jared Chirp, who had been killed by multiple snake bites and O'Connor's church was known to practice snake handling with the belief that God would protect them from any danger. The agents learned that Chirp and Gracie left the church after Gracie became pregnant. However, Chirp learned that he was not the father, resulting in his being permanently silenced by Samuel Mackey. Mackey likewise attacked O'Connor with snakes, but O'Connor survived. Mulder discovered O'Connor attempting to kill Mackey and shot him. O'Connor survived, which was all the better since he was innocent all along, despite his fiery demeanor and confrontational disposition. (TXF: "Signs and Wonders")

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