A young girl is kidnapped and appears to have a psychic connection to a woman who was kidnapped many years before that manifests in mirrored actions miles away.


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"Nobody's gonna spoil us..."
Under the cover of night, teenager Amy Jacobs is kidnapped from her bedroom. At the exact same time, Lucy Householder, a waitress twenty miles away, faints — her uniform covered in the victim's blood. Lucy — a former kidnapping victim herself — begins to experience everything that is happening to the young girl at the hands of her deranged captor. Although FBI Agent Scully has reason to suspect that Lucy is a fraud, her partner, Mulder, thinks there may be a psychic link between the two victims, and tries to persuade Lucy to help him find the young girl. But is the woman truly channeling — or is she simply part of a twisted kidnapping plot?

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Fox Mulder
Dana Scully
Myra Jacobs
Carl Wade
Lucy Householder
Walter Eubanks
Amy Jacobs
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