Emil, UFO Watcher.
Gender: Male
Significant Other(s): Zoe
Actor: Seth Green
Appearances: TXF: Deep Throat

Emil was a witness to a UFO sighting in 1992 and, along with his girlfriend Zoe, lived to tell FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully their experiences.

Description of the moving lights

Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were investigating the reported kidnapping of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Budahas who had disappeared for 4 months when they encountered Emil and his girlfriend, Zoe.  Emil and Zoe were UFO watchers that Mulder and Scully met during this investigation.  The two agents had just seen strange unidentifiable aircraft in the sky at the air base and fled along with the two UFO watchers when a helicopter chased them away.  They listened to Emil and Zoe's thoughts on the UFOs at a burger joint. 

Emil was of the opinion that the UFOs had nothing to do with aliens and were some sort of next generation military aircraft being tested for the next US war. 

Emil and Zoe later told Mulder about where he could go to see the craft within the base best.  Though they forgot to mention the danger involved. 

(TXF: Deep Throat)


  • Emil was played by Seth Green.
  • Emil makes a reference to Star Wars. Seth Green, in real life, is an avid Star Wars fan.
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