Ellen Bledsoe

Doctor Ellen Bledsoe was a Medical Examiner who had an office at the National Bureau of Medical Examiners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1993 and was responsible for the autopsy of Howard Graves.

Involvement with the Lauren Kyte CaseEdit

When FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully visited her at her office in 1993 with the suspicion that Graves had faked his own death, Dr. Bledsoe's manner was dour and she initially had the autopsy report concerning Graves on the desk in front of her. She told the agents that Graves was "very dead" and, when Scully asked to see the autopsy report, Dr. Bledsoe tossed it across the desk to her, telling Scully to "knock yourself out."

Interrupting Scully as the female agent read from the report that Graves' cause of death had been arterial hemorrhage, Dr. Bledsoe commented that four to six liters of blood had gone "down the tub" and, after Scully told her that there seemed to be some blood work missing from the report, the doctor replied that she and her team only did that when they suspected homicide. Dr. Bledsoe further revealed to the agents that dental conformations had been unnecessary because the body she had autopsied was definitely that of Graves and, with a slight smile, claimed that she had known it was him, because it had said so on the toe tag.

As the two agents subsequently talked, Dr. Bledsoe heard that Lauren Kyte had made positive identification on the body, that Howard Graves had been cremated and that a dental check or DNA sample would still be possible, as his body's tissues and organs had been donated. (TXF: "Shadows")

Ellen Bledsoe was played by Lorena Gale.
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