Ed Jerse (played by Rodney Rowland) was a down-on-his luck man in Philadelphia who had recently - and unwillingly - divorced his wife. Following a night of drinking, he impulsively got a tattoo called "Betty" with the words "Never Again." Betty began speaking to Ed in his mind, prompting him to yell at coworkers, costing him his job, and even murder one of his neighbors. Betty called him a loser and constantly nagged at his self-esteem. When Agent Scully arrived in Philadelphia while Mulder visited Graceland, she met Ed in the tattoo parlor while investigating a Russian gangster. Ed offered to take her to dinner, which she initially declined. While on the phone with Mulder, Scully said that the case was being transferred to the local FBI office and that it was not an X-File. Mulder was upset and asked what the hurry was and if she had a date, prompting her to call Ed and take him up on his offer of dinner.

They went to a local bar and afterwards, to the parlor and Scully got a tattoo. With bad weather and after a few drinks, she spent the night in Ed's apartment. The next morning, two detectives showed up investigating the murder of one of Ed's neighbors, but he was out getting breakfast. While he was away, Scully discovered that one of the chemicals in the brilliant red tattoo dye had hallucinogenic properties and that she and Ed needed medical attention. When Ed arrived, he agreed to go with her to the hospital but Betty had him see who she had contacted in his absence. Ed became enraged that she contacted the FBI and fearing the worst, he assaulted Scully and knocked her out. He then dragged her to the building's furnace, where he would murder her just like his neighbor. However, he finally overcame Betty's influence and thrust his arm into the fire, destroying the tattoo.


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