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Duane Barry was a former FBI agent who claimed to have been repeatedly abducted by aliens. In 1994, Barry escaped from a mental institution, taking psychiatrist Dr. Hakkie hostage, in an attempt to return to his original abduction site, hoping that the aliens would take Dr. Hakkie in place of him when they returned.

Barry, however, is unable to remember the location of his abduction, and instead heads to a travel agency, taking several clerks hostage, along with Dr. Hakkie.


The 1980s and Abduction Experiences[]

Duane Barry's abduction

Duane Barry once did a tour of duty in Vietnam. By 1982, he had been assigned to the FBI and had a wife, kids, and a house. He learned the FBI's methods of reacting to hostage situations and, according to records, his service in the FBI was exemplary until a drugs stakeout in 1982 when he shot himself with a bullet from his own weapon that pierced the bilateral frontal lobes of his brain. Apparently, the injury caused Barry to experience a rare state of psychosis by effectively destroying the moral center of his brain, leaving him nearly incapable of functioning in society. Consequently, he lost his wife, kids, and house.

Surrounded by alien beings, Barry floats above his bed

Barry was the subject of many abductions; the first time he was taken was from Skyland Mountain and hewas abducted many subsequent times before June 1985. By that month, Barry was living in a house in Pulaski, Virginia and owned a dog. On the night of June 3, Barry fell asleep. The movie that was on the television turned to static, startling Barry's dog, which began to whine and growl as humanoid figures moved outside the house's windows. Suddenly unable to breathe, Barry awoke and was immersed in a bright white light that revealed grey, alien figures surrounding the house. Realizing that he was being abducted again, Barry became panicked and screamed as at least eight alien beings moved to stand around him.

Duane Barry tortured by aliens, probably for experimental testing

During this abduction, or similar ones in which Barry was surrounded by alien beings while lying in bed, his body was elevated off the bed, floating above it, and, at a different time, Barry saw men dressed as government agents who calmly witnessed the aliens surround his bed.

In at least one abduction, Barry was taken aboard an alien craft, restrained to a glass table with many white lines on it while alien beings surrounded his body and holes were painfully drilled into his teeth with a red laser, as his mouth was held open by machines.

Psychiatric Care[]

Barry's behavior proved to be harmful to others, and he was institutionalized, on and off, since before August 1984. In 1994, Barry was living in secure confinement at Davis Correctional Treatment Center in Marion, Virginia. There, he was prescribed a course of medication and would have occasional meetings with Doctor Del Hakkie. In August 1994, Barry started to refuse his medication, a fact that Dr. Hakkie later learned.

Dr. Del Hakkie giving Barry therapy.

On August 7 of that year, Barry wore wrist restraints while a guard took him to Dr. Hakkie's office. Once inside the room, Barry explained that his refusal to accept his medication was due to not liking how it made him feel. Although Barry listened as Dr. Hakkie attempted to persuade him that he should take his medication, he was unable to convince the doctor of his sanity. Barry claimed to be aware that a particular unspecified group was coming to take him to a certain location and added that no one could stop them. As Dr. Hakkie went to a nearby cabinet to ready a drug, Barry hurried out of the room, taking a pen from the doctor's desk.

In the hall outside the doctor's office, Barry attacked the guard who had been with him earlier by stabbing the pen into the guard's back before knocking him unconscious. Barry then took a firearm from the guard's uniform, first aiming it at the other patients, who had gathered nearby, before pointing the weapon at Dr. Hakkie, moments after the doctor had exited his own office. Although the doctor tried to settle the disturbance amicably, Barry refused to surrender his gun and ordered the doctor to provide him with the keys and to release him. Startled by the noise of a nearby alarm, Barry took the doctor hostage and escaped.

Delay at Travel Time[]

For several years, Barry was kept in a mental hospital but devised an escape and planned to have his psychiatrist abducted in his place; Barry was convinced the abductions would continue. He claimed to have been subjected to repeated and horrific medical experiments, including laser-drilling of his teeth.

Fox Mulder explaining to Duane Barry that he believes his stories

With his hostage in tow, Barry made his way to a travel agency in Washington, D.C. to find where he could meet the aliens and present his hostage to them. The scene unfolded into a hostage situation, with Barry holding a number of hostages at gunpoint. The FBI was brought in to handle the situation and Mulder and his new partner, Alex Krycek, became involved due to his familiarity with alien abductees. Mulder eventually entered the agency with Barry and convinced him to release the hostages, except for the psychiatrist. Scully informed Mulder that Barry was less likely an alien abductee than a victim of severe mental illness. Mulder lured Barry into the view of an FBI sniper, and he was shot in the chest.

Duane Barry attacking and kidnapping Dana Scully

Barry survived and was brought to a hospital. Terrified that the aliens would find him, he escaped custody yet again and found Scully in her apartment and kidnap her. Mulder and Krycek began searching for Scully, whom Barry planned to offer to the aliens in his place because his original plan failed. Mulder tracked him to Skyland Mountain, but Scully was nowhere to be seen after a possible UFO flyby. Furious with Barry, and tired of hearing his name, Mulder injured him before bringing him back to the hospital. However, the search for Scully lost its best lead soon after, as Krycek murdered Barry before he could provide any clues.(TXF: "Ascension")

Duane Barry in a newspaper

Cassandra Spender learned of Mulder after seeing the incident with Barry on the news three years before she was able to meet him and discuss her abduction experiences with him. (TXF: "Patient X")

Mulder had a newspaper clipping on his wall from a story about Duane Barry. (TXF: "The End")


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