Dmitri (played by Alex Shostak, Jr.) was a boy from Kazakhstan who witnessed the massacre of forty-one abductees committed by a group of faceless aliens. Dmitri was discovered by Alex Krycek soon after and imprisoned in a Tunguska gulag. There, Dmitri was subjected to tests with black oil like others had been. Then, his face was significantly disfigured, such that there were no openings in his face. This was found to be an effective deterrent against the oil, and so Krycek brought Dmitri to the United States aboard a Russian ship as part of his revenge plot against the Syndicate. En route, he was discretely freed by Marita Covarrubias and taken by car to a pay phone. While she called Fox Mulder, Dmitri started to undo his stitching. The oil then left him and went into Covarrubias.

He traveled to a bridge in Pennsylvania where other abductees were gathering. He then saw the faceless aliens attack. (TXF: "Patient X") He died in the attack. (TXF: "The Red and the Black")

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