Del Hakkie and Duane Barry

Del Hakkie (played by Frank C. Turner) is a doctor employed at the Davis Correctional Treatment Center in Marion, Virginia. He is the doctor in charge of Duane Barry's psychiatric care. During an office visit, Dr. Hakkie calmly confronts Duane Barry about refusing to take his medicine. Duane replies that he doesn't like the way it makes him feel. In turn, Dr. Hakkie reminds Duane Barry that it is prescribed for his behavior so that Duane won't hurt anybody again.

While Dr. Hakkie is preparing an injection that will help Duane get some rest, Duane takes a pen and stabs a guard taking his gun. Duane Barry then forces Dr. Hakkie at gunpoint to go with him.

Dr. Hakkie then becomes a hostage with 3 other individuals in a Travel Time office in downtown, Richmond, Virginia. Duane wants Dr. Hakkie to go with him to an alien abduction site and feel what it's like to be an alien abductee. With Mulder's intervention and hostage negotiation, Dr. Hakkie survives the hostage ordeal. (TXF: "Duane Barry")

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